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I am a postdoctoral scholar — UCSD CSE fellow working with Nadia Heninger and Deian Stefan. I received my PhD in ECE and MSc in CS from WPI under the supervision of Berk Sunar and Thomas Eisenbarth. I research computer security and privacy; microarchitectural security, side channels and cryptanalysis, and architectural security primitives. I have also interned at Cisco Talos working on fuzz testing for automated vulnerability discovery and Qualcomm product security initiative (QPSI) working on system-level security of PCIe controllers.

Contact Information:

Selected Publications:

  1. D Moghimi, J Van Bulck, N Heninger, F Piessens, B Sunar. "CopyCat: Controlled Instruction-Level Attacks on Enclaves"  USENIX Security 2020.
  2. D Moghimi, M Lipp, B Sunar, M Schwarz. "Medusa: Microarchitectural Data Leakage via Automated Attack Synthesis" USENIX Security 2020.
  3. J Van Bulck, D Moghimi, M Schwarz, M Lipp, M Minkin, D Genkin, Y Yarom, B Sunar, D Gruss, F Piessens."LVI: Hijacking Transient Execution through Microarchitectural Load Value Injection" IEEE S&P 2020.
  4. D Moghimi, B Sunar, T Eisenbarth, N Heninger. "TPM-Fail: TPM meets Timing and Lattice Attacks"  USENIX Security 2020.
  5. M Schwarz, M Lipp, D Moghimi, J Van Bulck, J Stecklina, T Prescher, D Gruss. "ZombieLoad: Cross-Privilege-Boundary Data Sampling" ACM CCS 2019.
  6. A Moghimi, G Irazoqui, T Eisenbarth. "CacheZoom: How SGX Amplifies The Power of Cache Attacks"  IACR CHES 2017.

For a full list of my academic publications, check this out.

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