I am Computer Security Researcher working as a Senior Research Scientist for Google, driving hardware-related secuity research projects on vulnerability discovery, side-channel cryptanalysis, and secure computer architecture. Before that, I was a postdoctoral fellow at UC San Diego. I have a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering and an MSc in Computer Science from WPI.

My research has improved the security of superscalar CPUs, memory subsystems, and cryptography for billions of internet users. I have published over 20 peer-reviewed papers on security, cryptography, and computer architecture in top academic conferences and journals (Google Scholar,DBLP). I have also delivered tens of talks at academic and industry conferences, including multiple presentations at BlackHat USA (2020,2023) and Usenix Security (2019,2020,2023), and Real World Crypto (2020).

I have discovered serious vulnerabilities in the core building blocks of computers, including CPUs (Reptar,Downfall,Fallout,CVE-2019-0162), Cryptographic Libraries (CVE-2019-19960,61,62,63,CVE-2018-12155,CVE-2018-3691), and Trusted Platform Modules (TPM-Fail/CVE-2019-16863,CVE-2019-11090). Some of these findings have been featured in popular press outlets (Wired,PC World,Dark Reading,Mac World,Top Class Actions,ZDNet,tom’s Hardware,Dark Reading,The Register,ZDNet,tom’s Hardware,Dark Reading,Hacker News,The Register,ZDNet,Tech Target,Wired,The Register,ZDNet,Forbes).

As a program committee member for leading conferences such as ACM CCS, IEEE S&P, Usenix Security, and IACR CHES, I have played a crucial role in shaping the field by reviewing hundreds of research papers.